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Breast Milk Builds Your Baby’s Inner Ecosystem

A newborn baby’s digestive system is like a “clean blank slate”. A baby does not yet have the inner ecosystem, that will eventually develop inside his or her intestines creating the immune system.

When a baby moves from the protected region of his/her mother’s womb & out into the world, a baby is suddenly faced with all types of bacteria & organisms, both good and bad. Because a baby initially lacks the beneficial micro flora needed to resist and fight potential pathogens in his/her environment, nature then works brilliantly by having an arrangement to protect this tiny being.

All newborns are born with a permeable “leaky” gut allowing them to immediately absorb greater amounts of nutrients from their mother’s colostrum, or “first milk”. Colostrum delivers powerful nutrients & immune boosting substances like lactoferrin, sugars, immunoglobulins, & antibodies to each fragile, tiny body.

The baby’s permeable gut lining quickly absorbs the nutrients from the colostrum & boosts his immunity, protecting the baby until his/her inner ecosystem can be established. A Healthy Inner Ecosystem ( for people of all ages) is made up of the friendly micro flora (beneficial, good bacteria) that lives in our intestines & keeps us strong & healthy. It is this reason that not only babies require a well-balanced micro flora environment, but so do all of us! It is hence crucial for all of us at all ages to maintain this, either through consuming fermented foods or with a daily dose of a premium fermented probiotic supplement.

It takes approximately 3 months for a newborn’s inner ecosystem to be fully formed, but it starts developing almost immediately. Both colostrum & mother’s milk plays a vital role in establishing this inner ecosystem.

As the first few days go by, a protective mucous barrier begins to form on the baby's gut lining. This layer of clean, pure mucous must be established so that the beneficial micro flora has a place to nestle into. There they will grow and multiply…but only if they are properly fed.

The initial supply of colostrum is replaced by breast milk over the first several days. Both colostrum and mother's milk are rich in special "essential" sugars that will feed the beneficial bacteria & yeast in the gut to help them grow and multiply.

It is however important to note though, that if a baby’s mother doesn’t have plenty of micro flora in her own colon and birth canal, she wont be able to pass on this highly critical healthy micro flora to her baby. As such, it is also essential that mothers have a healthy gut to begin with or maintain a balanced micro flora themselves.

Besides helping to create a healthy inner ecosystem, researchers estimate that breast milk has at least 100 different components that effect a baby's development, and they continue to make new discoveries about what exactly these components do.

The human breast milk is known to contain living cells, and immunoglobulins, hormones & active enzymes, in particular: -

  • Immunoglobulins, also known as "protective antibodies" are large Y shaped proteins that allow the immune system to bind to infected cells and to neutralize foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. Immunoglobulins have a memory and can remember the foreign intruder during future exposure.
  • Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein that is in many ways a "miracle" anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-cancer substance. It is found in both cow and human milk but not soymilk. However, cow's milk has only trace amounts (0.05% - 1%) while human milk will contain much more (at least 15%).
  • Especially important in the health and function of the intestinal tract, it helps reduce intestinal inflammation.
  • An overgrowth of pathogenic microorganisms is a common problem in children with autism.
  • An overgrowth of pathogens from birth and even when the baby was in the womb is known to cause imbalances throughout the entire body even the brain.
  • Lactoferrin enhances the growth of the "good micro flora in the colon because of its probiotic properties.
  • Fatty acids found in breast milk are very different than those found in formulas. Breast milk has over 50% of its calories as fat. A large amount of this fat is saturated. Formulas are low in saturated fat and soymilk has none. The DHA found in breast milk and not formula has been shown to give the breast-fed baby a greater academic potential. Of course to give her baby these good fats, a mother must also eat these fats herself.
  • Enzymes are destroyed by pasteurization and are deficient in most formulas. In a nutshell, breast fed babies tend to be typically healthier, happier, and smarter. If they have higher levels of good bacteria in their gut they are more likely to survive and even thrive through infancy and childhood. This is even more ensured if the mother is eating fermented foods and drinking fermented liquids or taking a premium fermented probiotic on a daily basis.

Although we have now learnt about the amazing properties of breast milk as a “natural” form of probiotics & the establishment of a balanced microflora, unfortunately, oftentimes because of stress, pollution, toxins & chemicals derived from foods and beverages we consume, most mothers have an imbalanced microflora environment & are not able to pass on the benefits crucial for their offspring. As such, it is important that mothers to be, prepare themselves by simply taking a daily dose of naturally fermented premium probiotics.

To further establish and create a strong environment for their babies as well, it is also important to introduce natural fermented probiotics at a young age. For babies from 3 months onwards, a gel capsule a day, can be opened and its paste given orally or mixed directly into baby’s food.


Let’s face it: Kids get sick. All the time. No matter how many times you wash their hands or how much sanitizer you use, sooner or later, your toddler is going to pick up a bug — maybe a sore throat, or the flu, or an ear infection — that requires antibiotics.

And while antibiotics are wonderful for wiping out bacterial infections, broad-spectrum antibiotics (those that kill the good bacteria that help us stay healthy along with the disease-causing bacteria) can come with a very inconvenient, very unpleasant physical drawback: Diarrhea. And that is Only the beginning of a parent’s woes, as more importantly, antibiotics also wipes out and kills all the beneficial good bacteria along with the bad, so essentially compromising a child’s balanced internal microflora in the process. This eliminates and creates an imbalance in the child’s gut, thereby allowing for more infections to occur in future.

As such, it is highly critical to understand that the only way firstly, to build up a child’s immunity, is to maintain a balanced and healthy microflora in his or her gut, thereby the importance of adding to their daily foods, a daily dose of naturally fermented probiotic supplement. Besides maintaining a healthy amount of good, live, active bacteria in their gut & intestines, this will also help manage any antibiotic-related diarrhea or prevent elimination of good bacteria while the child is on any course of antibiotics.

Research has also shown that children who have been given a consistent dose of premium naturally fermented probiotics, not only can reduce antibiotic-related diarrhea by over 75 percent, but are also very much less susceptible to illnesses & in a study conducted in the UK, medical specialists concluded that children who consumed a daily dose of naturally fermented probiotics, rarely fell ill in an enclosed pre-school setting, & when mingling with preschoolers who were ill.

For this reason, pediatricians highly recommend that children can and should begin a daily dose of naturally fermented probiotics at an early age, to help establish and maintain a healthy inner microflora environment, thereby leading to healthier adult lives.


When a woman is trying to get pregnant or is preparing ahead for a pregnancy, it is of utmost importance that she takes care of herself and her body. This includes looking after her diet, making sure she has a daily dose of supplements and vitamins, adequate folic acid, and eats healthily as well as exercises regularly. This, not only helps towards conception but also prepares the body for an easier & more fuss-free pregnancy & a healthier baby & delivery.

Additionally, when mothers are intending to breast feed their babies, the mother’s health is the most important part of healthy breast feeding. Everything a mother eats or comes into contact with affects her baby.

It’s a known fact that no group has as many digestive issues as pregnant women. Whether its heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or cramping, pregnant women in general suffer greatly from these ailments. It has long been proven that premium fermented probiotics are very helpful during pregnancy. Besides promoting a healthy gastrointestinal function, which aids in relieving constipation for many pregnant women, a supplement of fermented premium probiotics daily can also help increase the immune system of a baby even during pregnancy.

Changing the microbial population in a woman’s body from bad to good by eating a probiotic rich diet, loaded with fermented foods & beverages Or simply adding a premium fermented probiotic daily to your normal diet, can help conquer infections long before a baby is conceived or born.

When a mother includes fermented foods and/or fermented probiotic supplement daily in her diet both before and during her pregnancy, beneficial micro flora will "colonize" in both her intestines and her. Her baby then passes through a healthy vagina (instead of an infected one) and he or she becomes "inoculated" with helpful bacteria and yeast. An amazing phenomenon then occurs, colostrum and breast milk, rich in essential sugars, encourage the growth of micro flora.

Reproducing rapidly, they set an "inner ecosystem" into place and these good guys make their home in the baby's own gut. Our inner ecosystem is largely responsible for helping us resist infections. Without one, our babies are susceptible to a number of inherited infections like and candidiasis (thrush). You'll know your baby's inner ecosystem is forming poorly if he or she is colicky.

Hence, it is crucial that current moms and mom-to-be (and dads as well) should take an active role in promoting the health of their current and future children by ensuring that they maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine with a daily dose of vitamins & especially including a daily dose of premium fermented probiotics for 6 months to 2 years prior to conception & during breast feeding.

This ensures that parents and parents-to-be build and maintain a healthy inner ecosystem of your own so that you can both pass on health & immunity (instead of infection or illness) to your new born child during gestation & after he/she is born. To start your baby off on the right track, include fermented foods Or a premium fermented probiotic supplement in your diet as well as your baby’s. You will be establishing longevity & healthy immunity for life!


It has already been established that Nearly 75 percent of our immune defenses are located in the digestive tract, so maintaining a favorable bacterial balance in the intestines (ideally 80% good or neutral bacteria to 20% harmful bacteria) is crucial to achieving and maintaining optimum health. Science has proven that as we age, the number of healthy bacteria in our digestive tract begins to decline. Even if a person’s friendly bacteria levels remain steady throughout their adult life, some age-related changes can alter the population composition. As such, people over 60 have 1000 times less “friendly” bacteria in their guts than do younger healthy adults. As a result, older adults have a greater risk of suffering from digestive conditions such as constipation, diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as well as a decrease in overall immune function & with a compromised microflora, older people are more susceptible to major illnesses, including cancers and diseases.

As the elderly oftentimes have changes in the intestines, changes in diet, and changes in their immune system which can throw off the balancing act between the body and the “good” bacteria, in addition, changes in the mouth, such as decreased saliva production can also cause the friendly mouth bacteria to decrease. This further leads to problems like oral thrush. With extensive studies conducted on the elderly, The American College of Nutrition believe that regular supplementation of a naturally fermented premium probiotic can greatly help to alleviate and prevent these elderly illnesses.

The Right Choice at Any Age

Nowadays a wide range of probiotic supplements is available to provide daily and critical care support for all ages, and leading health experts recommend active cultures daily, depending upon your individual needs. There are a few important things to consider, however, when choosing the ideal formula. Over a span of various methods of probiotic development such as centrifugation, ultrafiltration & freeze drying, the most effective, viable superior probiotic is still one that is produced using an all natural fermentation process. This is a painstaking process and only one premium Japanese supplement exclusively procures a natural fermentation of more than 7 years, which allows the bacteria to thrive and grow, formulating an optimum environment where they remain live and viable before being delivered to the intestinal gut, through the patented enteric coated Sankyo capsules; wherein they can then begin their desired work.

Additionally, friendly bacteria are grown in what is called a "culturing medium" ie. milk, vegetables or fruit- based media. As the bacteria grow, they transform the culturing medium into a totally different substance called the supernatant. A very important component of "super" probiotics, the supernatant is filled with a variety of beneficial metabolic by products including antimicrobial compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocin etc, vitamins, enzymes, cellular building blocks, antioxidants and immunostimulants. A full-culture production method which retains all the friendly bacteria and supernatant, which is only possible through a natural fermentation process is the most desirable method. Biogenics MD® is the only Probiotic in the World that is a “super” probiotic that contains Probiotic, Prebiotic, Biogenics & Supernatant is retained.

As elderly people have fewer friendly bacteria, a premium fermented probiotic supplement will help maintain a good balance and if taken earlier on in life, an elderly person may prevent or keep at bay the usual ailments faced by many seniors when their micro flora are compromised, leading to less incidence & prevention of major illnesses, diseases & cancers.


It has long been debated about the effects of consuming premium fermented probiotics & its long-term benefits on anti aging & skin. The truth has now been revealed & it’s been proven that by nourishing your insides with naturally fermented probiotics, you will not only feel the difference but you will see it as well! And now, prestigious clinical trials are even coming forth that suggest & prove exactly this.

Daily consumption of a premium naturally fermented probiotic has been shown to positively affect conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, skin allergies, acne, unsightly discolorations, and most importantly encourage cell turnover, which promotes anti-aging. It is also proving to be a powerful antidote against wrinkles! It thus, does not come as a surprise that many leading dermatologists & skin specialists now recommend that the first step in obtaining good clear skin, is to nourish your insides & create a balanced micro flora with a beneficial amount of good bacteria in your gut, thereby allowing for a healthy internal environment & hence, leading to smoother, clearer, skin with more brilliance & rosiness. Any skin ailments also dissipate and greatly improve through long-term use.

When consumed consistently for a longer duration, a premium fermented probiotic supplement can create anti aging benefits & even “stop” time in its tracks. These fermented probiotics help you digest and assimilate important nutrients, boost your immune system and help you stay healthy, strong, and youthful. If you notice that your skin is not always clear and bright, chances are that you have an imbalanced inner ecosystem that has been weakened by environmental toxins, processed foods, drugs and a stressful lifestyle. Most people would be happy to pass for five (or ten!) years younger than the age on their driver's license. The cosmetics and personal care products industries know this and are full of products promising to be the fountain of youth in a cream or concealer.

But did you know that your body already holds the key & secret to youthful energy and appearance? It's your own inner ecosystem, teaming with healthy micro flora (good bacteria) that resides in your intestines, keeping you healthy, strong...and yes, youthful.

Unfortunately, most people today have damaged inner ecosystems from environmental toxins, processed foods, drugs and a stressful lifestyle. Even if we think we are careful to avoid harmful antibiotics or toxins, these are introduced easily into our bloodstream through secondhand ways such as our food sources with growth hormone and antibiotics injections in meats that we eat, chemicals and pesticides in plants and vegetables that we consume. We don't notice the ravages of time as much when we're younger because much of the damage has not yet set in. However, as we age, we start to notice issues in our health, skin, weight or muscle tone, some sooner than others, that make us wish we could turn back the clock and had done something preventive earlier.. the good news is you can!

We know it's not about the number of years you've spent on Earth that determines your age; it's about maintaining energy and youthful vitality for many decades. (As its been scientifically proven i.e. a 50 year old man who maintains a healthy stress free lifestyle & takes care of his food & microflora environment, may actually have an internal clock of a 30 year old & even look years younger than his biological age) And you can go a longer way to building youthful vitality both inside AND out when you’ve simply established a thriving inner ecosystem.

The key to doing that and maintaining a well-balanced micro flora is, to add healthy bacteria, or a premium naturally fermented probiotic supplement, into your diet. It is what many Japanese have long realized & in which naturally fermented probiotics have long been a staple & an added source in the Japanese diet, hence, unsurprisingly, the Japanese have long been leaders in the creation & manufacture of naturally fermented probiotics. They perfected and to this day, remain the leaders of the traditional natural fermentation process, crucial in creating a superior grade of naturally fermented premium probiotic supplement.

Choosing the right probiotic supplement is crucial. Since micro flora live in your intestines, only naturally fermented premium probiotics that can withstand the harsh stomach acids and can deliver the good beneficial bacteria quickly and efficiently into the gut, will be highly effective. If in a paste form and being naturally fermented, this allows for live, viable good bacteria to thrive, thereby allowing the good bacteria to nestle and colonize in our gut & inside our intestines where they will then begin to start practicing their magic. In fact, they are oftentimes called"alchemists." It’s a proven fact & we firmly believe that if you are serious about looking and feeling your best, then it is time to add beneficial naturally fermented premium probiotics to your daily diet.


We might be wondering that since probiotics in general assist in maintaining a healthy micro flora of a person’s gut & intestinal environment, why then would we specify on just women & probiotics, & what’s Special About Probiotics for Women?

Well it turns out that the vagina is another environmental battleground for good and bad bacteria. Here again good bacteria confer a number of benefits integral to health. Yet when they are supplanted by other bacteria, undesirable things can occur.

When certain types of bacteria colonize the vagina they can produce enzymes and give-off amine by-products. This in turn can lead to an increased pH, an often fishy odor and in some cases discharge. These are some of the clinical symptoms used to diagnose bacterial vaginosis. A common ailment in women all over the world. In other cases, it seems that these bad bacteria can change the vaginal environment in a less noticeable way making it more hospitable to yeast species of the genus Candida—the cause of yeast infections. There is also some evidence to suggest that a vaginal environment gone awry with harmful bacteria can result in a number of things, like increase inflammation, that makes a woman more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases and pre-term labor. Finally, it appears that bad bacteria can also weaken the defenses that good bacteria create to keep the urinary tract and bladder sterile. This can make a woman more susceptible to urinary tract infections.

The good news is that through over 20 years of research by leading doctors and medical specialists, probiotic strains have been shown to bolster beneficial bacteria in the vagina. This assists in restoring vaginal and urinary tract health through an improved micro flora balance. Even more importantly, a premium fermented probiotic supplement have been shown in clinical studies to reduce the incidence of unhealthy urogenital conditions from occurring in the first place. There are an estimated 1 billion worldwide cases of urogenital infections annually, which include bacterial vaginosis, yeast vaginosis and urinary tract infections.

Importance of Prevention

As the old proverb goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is this more apparent than with feminine health issues. Here are three reasons why prevention is crucial:- Although often not showing symptoms, 78% of women have suboptimal vaginal health and 1/3 of all women test positive for bacterial vaginosis. As a result, many women may be at an increased risk for urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and pre-term labor without knowing it. ▪ Even when showing symptoms, bacterial vaginosis and yeast vaginosis can be difficult to diagnose accurately using methods commonly available in doctors’ offices. Because of this and the sensitive nature of these issues, many women attempt to self-medicate using over-the-counter yeast treatments. Often times the result is frustration and failure, as anti-yeast treatments do nothing for an underlying problem, which usually is due to unchecked colonization of harmful bacteria. In fact, only 34% of those believing they had a yeast infection actually tested positive for yeast vaginosis.

When bacterial vaginosis does arise AND it is correctly diagnosed, conventional treatment using antibiotics is only successful in 40% of cases. In addition, your doctor may not be aware that this success rate can be increased to greater than 80% when using a premium probiotic supplement. What does all this mean for women? These undesirable conditions are disconcerting and difficult to cure when they are recognized or have hidden risks when they are not. But a measure of prevention is available as simply, in a once-daily, oral supplement. Like multivitamins for general health or vitamin C to help stave off a cold, a premium naturally fermented probiotic supplement daily are for your preventive assurance—it’s like a vitamin for your vagina.

Another very common ailment in women is known as Candida Albicans. This is simply a yeast & bacterial overgrowth. This type of condition can occur anywhere on the body that is moist and warm, but is more prone to occur in the mucous membranes like the mouth and vaginal area. This can result from a suppressed immune system, antibiotics or other medications, stress, hormonal imbalances, and general poor health or hygiene. Affecting millions of women, one natural & highly effective solution to help with Candida Albicans is to simply introduce premium naturally fermented probiotics to the female diet. It has been proven that such supplements for women can help maintain and greatly support not only vaginal health but urinary tract health as well, preventing infections.

In short, a daily dose of premium naturally fermented probiotics is highly crucial & strongly recommended for Woman’s Vaginal & Bladder Health & in maintaining a balanced microflora.


Men may believe they are immune to yeast infections just because they’re male. In fact, there are reports that show how yeast infections can actually occur in both men and women. The bottom-line is that men can get yeast infections through sexual transmission, although this is uncommon. However, prolonged antibiotic use and diseases that compromise immunity are more common factors that can result in the reddish rash and itchy, burning penis that characterize male genital yeast infections. So, yes, as much as we would like to believe that yeast infections only affect women, this is untrue.

Premium naturally fermented probiotics supplements have long been investigated as a therapeutic treatment for these infections, and has now been proven to be effective in men as in women. These friendly bacteria that live within your intestinal tract, are also present in a number of food products but for the most of us, a simply daily dose of a premium fermented probiotic would serve our daily requirements and have been touted & recognized for possessing various benefits to human health.

Besides the specific treatment of male yeast infections, premium probiotic supplements for men is vital for the proper digestion of fats and proteins, synthesizing vitamin K, which is required for the prevention of osteoporosis and many of our B vitamins, plus they detoxify the intestinal tract and reduce cancer risks.

Additionally, they help maintain & balance the micro flora of the intestinal gut, and a daily consumption of premium-fermented probiotics are helpful when it comes to maintaining the body's chemical and hormone balance. Their ability to protect the body from absorbing toxins from the GI tract also makes them highly vital to our good health and longevity.