Frequently asked

Should BIOGENICS MD® be consumed on a Daily basis?

Yes. In our Daily lives, we are constantly exposed to Pollution, Processed foods, Chemicals, 2nd Hand Antibiotics. We need a constant daily supplement of BIOGENICS MD® in order to maintain our microflora balance.

Can anyone overdose on BIOGENICS MD®?

No. BIOGENICS MD® is a food supplement and 100% natural.

Is it safe for Children?

Of course! For children age 6 and below, 1 capsule is sufficient. For infants, break the capsule and the paste can be fed directly or mixed into infant food.

Does it have animal product or by-product? How about the Capsule?

BIOGENICS MD® is a 100% Plant-based. The Gel capsule is also made from plant-fiber and is a 100% Organic. Preservative, GMO-free and Chemical Free.

Is it alright to take other supplements or medicine along with BIOGENICS MD®?

Yes. In fact, BIOGENICS MD® aids in the greater absorption of the nutrients derived from the consumption of your food & supplements for your body and helps limit the bad effects of prescribed medicines by constantly maintaining optimum balance.

Do I have to keep it in the Fridge?

It does not require refrigeration. Shelf life is 3 years at room temperature. Keep in a cool area, out of direct sunlight.

Is the Manufacturing Process of BIOGENICS MD® done safely?

BIOGENICS MD® has been manufactured for over 40yrs and is 100% Safe. Extensive studies and university research has been conducted, culminating in BIOGENICS MD® being awarded GMP status. Numerous accolades and awards have also been presented by the Japan Health Food Authority and Imperial Household.