How is
Biogenics MD®Made?

Why do we ferment?

We have the misconception that when we take friendly lactic acid bacteria (or pop a probiotic pill, that) it will improve our gut micro-flora by colonising our intestines.

However, in fact, friendly bacteria, when taken orally, can neither proliferate nor readily colonize in the intestine.

The “effectiveness” of probiotics is very much determined by another biologically active peptide called biogenics.

Biogenics are food ingredients which beneficially affect the host by directly immunostimulating, suppressing mutagenesis, tumorigenesis, peroxidation, hypercholesterolemia, or intestinal putrefaction: they include immune – potentiators, flavonoids, etc. In short they tell our gut which bacteria (friendly or not) to colonise and regulate our overall intestinal flora make-up.

We need all FOUR; Probiotics, Prebiotics, Biogenics & our patented LPS, to improve the balance of the intestinal microbiota by enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria or inhibiting the growth of harmful ones!

During the “manufacture” of a probiotic pill, beneficial bacteria and yeast are stripped of their biofilm during processing to make probiotic pills. This means that there is less chance that they will survive the harsh acidity of the stomach when swallowed.

In contrast, the beneficial microbes in Biogenics MD ® are well equipped to immediately set up residence in your digestive tract.

To understand the superiority of BIOGENICS MD ®, we have to first understand the 4 main types of the manufacture of Probiotics.

Different Types & Processes of Probiotics.

It is important to understand & differentiate the different types of Processes for Probiotics.

There are 4 methods listed below:-

1. Centrifugation is a method that when used, damages bacterial cell walls, breaks their chains as they multiply and even kill the bacteria outright. The supernatant is also removed in the process. In spite of the damage centrifuging does to the friendly bacteria, it remains a popular processing method because it is easy and cheap.

2. Ultrafiltration is another process although better than centrifuging, it is also harmful. In this process some bacterial chains are broken which reduces bacterial activity and the supernatant is separated.

3. Freeze drying is a method that uses lightning-fast biochemical process that dries the bacteria by freezing it within a vacuum. All that is removed is the water. This results in some bacteria being damaged or hurt in the process and the freeze drying also interferes with the bacteria's optimum performance.

4. NATURAL FERMENTATION is the most costly and tedious method, but it retains all of the friendly bacteria’s benefits. It keeps the biofilm intact, there is creation of biogenics, nutrients, amino acids, LPS, minerals, prebiotics, peptides, metabolites, vitamins, in short, being biologically active and potent. It is also proven that for Natural Fermentation to have the highest potency, it requires a minimum of 5 years fermentation. A most recent study on Biogenics MD ® has also shown that it is 1,000 times stronger than any other friendly bacteria.