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Jessica Chulalongkorn, 45yrs, Beauty Queen
"As a regular contestant in beauty pageants, I take my skin regimen very seriously. It was 8 years ago when I suddenly had a serious outbreak of adult acne & nothing worked, till I was introduced to Biogenics through my dermatologist. Within a week, my skin started clearing up & within a month, I had never seen my skin in a better state. Smooth, clear & bright. Needless to say, I won the 2 pageants I participated in that year! I've never stopped using it since then."

Mary Ann, 32 yrs, Housewife
"Being a health fanatic, I have always been cautious of the types of food I feed my family & the supplements that they take regularly. It was on one of my thorough researching that I read extensively about the benefits of Biogenics as a super probiotic supplement & the only product in the world, that still uses a Japanese traditional natural fermentation process. Convinced, I begun a daily dose, a year prior to my pregnancy & now that my baby girl is nearing a year old, I am glad to say that she's also benefitted greatly from Biogenics. I break a gel capsule & she takes the paste & loves it. It surprises me to hear many mothers complain about their babies always falling ill, some even as young as a month old! Putting my baby on Biogenics has definitely strengthened and established her strong immunity & physical development. She's never been sick not even once ! I am now a fan of Biogenics & my whole family is on it."

John Lim, 71yrs, Retired
"Having been a former athlete, I still maintain a regular exercise regime just to keep fit & healthy. One of my problems I faced as I got older, was a lack of energy & tiredness. Casually discussing this with my son a few months ago, he mentioned a super fermented supplement he had been taking & was sure, it would greatly improve my condition. As it was all natural & had years of credibility, I added it into my daily foods. Within two weeks, I felt recharged! The best part is, I did not only get back my energy but my frequent bouts of indigestion, also cleared! Now, I cant do without my daily consumption of Biogenics."

Amelia Chua, 27 yrs, Professional Executive
"Working long hours in a stressful environment, had created changes in my body & my body's system. It had also greatly weakened my immunity & I found myself oftentimes visiting my GP or clinic for another dose of antibiotics. This unwittingly led to reoccurring constipation & upset stomachs. Finally, unable to bear another bout, I shared my problems with my gynacologist, as I felt she might understand feminine issues better. Surprisingly she handed me a brochure & told me to read about it. Unknown to me, it seems many of my ailments were listed in that brochure &its simple explanation of a balanced microflora, floored me! It has been 5 years since & all my ailments have disappeared! Thanks Biogenics! My optimum is 4 gel capsules a day to keep my ailments away!"